The Official Website of The University of the Fraser Valley’s Student Life S.N.A.P. Club.


S.N.A.P. was created in 2002 as Jeff Stackhouse became the groups< president for a fully University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Student Union Society funded group (SUS).

S.N.A.P stands for Shy, Nervous and Anxious Peeps. (Which keeps the emphasis on peeps ) Peeps ( aka friends) were the most important part of the equation, and with my determination I tried to make the shy/nervous/anxious elements we faced daily be secondary to the friendships created through our diverse situations. Sure we were all shy, nervous and anxious people, but that didn’t define who we were or how well we did in our University courses. We all stood up to our fears and were determined to take the steps to overcome our anxieties.

The club was created to meet the needs of students who were struggling to go to school and maintain good grades while facing excessive worry, fear, shyness, anxiety and panic.

Each week on Thursday’s from 4:30pm – 5:30pm the S.N.A.P group of 150 members and 50 regular attendees would meet to discuss ways they cope with anxiety, fear, depression etc..

I made up handouts, coordinated special events, and researched the issues the students needed help in. Arming the students with the knowledge they needed to be successful in completing their courses was extremely important to me, and the group was a huge success for several years.

I graduated UFV in 2007 and again in 2008. After two grads in two years, I was burnt out. Doing all of my classes and helping others make it through was all I could take so I took a break from University for a couple of y ears.

In my last year the UFV student newspaper “The Cascade” ran an article on me and my group which was titled,” Could this be the end of S.N.A.P.??” With a photo of me be its side, the article pleased the students to get involved to find a replacement President, but as I left the school with 2 diplomas in 2008, a new leader was nowhere to be found.

There may be hope for the future of S.N.A.P. I’ve returned to UFV to finish up a couple courses for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. It’s possible I could re-start S.N.A.P. or could find someone who could take over the President role. In 2013 I will graduate, leaving UFV yet again, possibly without a new leader of S.N.A.P.

The S.N.A.P. legacy was and is one of hope and courage which changed many lives. Many students found new ways to communicate, new ways to overcome anxiety , new ways to challenge themselves without burning out. In short, many students were about to continue classes because of the way the group encouraged all members each week.

This is a group the students desperately need. Sure some clubs at UFV like the Video Game Club and Sports Club are popular and may relieve stress levels in their own right, but they do not provide the skills needed to overcome anxiety, and become successful students .Only by practicing breathing and calming techniques, meditation skills, creating a calming environment , and having students and staff support each other will these students be able to achieve their goals.

If any students of faculty are interested in continuing on the S.N.A.P. legacy at UFV please write me at and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Thanks! :)